Mark Cuban wants Monta Ellis screaming and flailing more to draw fouls

Monta Ellis and Mark Cuban
Monta Ellis and Mark Cuban
Photo: Tom Fox/Dallas Morning News

Mark Cuban wants Monta Ellis screaming and flailing more to draw fouls

Most players who have a knack for drawing contact also have a knack of going to the free throw line. Case in point: James Harden. But Monta Ellis, a lethal and explosive attacker of the rim, only averages 4.2 free throw attempts per game. 

Mavericks GM Mark Cuban says that’s not a result of Ellis’ drawing of contact, but more so how he sells it. 

From Eddie Sefko of the Dallas Morning News:

Cuban, who plans to alert league officials with video examples of Ellis’ drives to the basket and the contact that he creates/receives, said it’s incumbent on the 6-3 guard to sell his case to referees.

“(He) won’t scream during the play,” Cuban said. “You got to scream and flail to get a call. You got to scream while you’re up there, not when you land. Some of these guys you got to teach to make the refs’ job a little easier. He gets hit on his body all the time.”

Players known for using this technique extremely well: Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, LeBron James, and even the screaming master Carlos Boozer. There’s definitely a technique to selling contact and almost mastering ways to get calls for yourself, and players really looking to get to the free throw line are able to force that issue on referees.

Another person that does this well is Dwayne Wade, who Cuban says he now has squashed beef with, perhaps because he’s someone that Ellis can learn from as an elite shooting guard today.


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