Mark Cuban Hints That The Thunder Should Tank


According to Tim MacMahon of ESPN Dallas, the Dallas Mavericks’ owner Mark Cuban wondered if the Thunder should just keep Durant and Westbrook out for the rest of the season.


Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook are both expected to miss handful of a games, and Mark Cuban brought up an idea that nobody really wanted to think about. The Thunder had championship aspirations coming into this season only to see injuries cause them to start the season 2-5. So, should the Thunder just keep KD and Westbrook out so they can get a top pick? Cuban thought about it.

“The question I don’t think anybody has asked is, why don’t they pull a David Robinson and try to get Tim Duncan?”

“I’m not suggesting anything,” Cuban said. “I’m just curious why the question hasn’t been asked because I’m curious what the answer is.”

Now, it’s not clear if Cuban really thinks this could work out for the Thunder, or if he would just like to see them tank so his team’s chances at winning are higher. Although, it does make one wonder what the Thunder would be like if they could get one of the top tier centers in this draft. The David Robinson led San Antonio Spurs had a season just like the Thunder where Robinson was sidelined over 70 games with an injury. Some may not have thought he needed to be sidelined so long, but the team held him out and they ended up drafting Tim Duncan that summer and becoming one of the powerhouses of the league.

In a league where everyone thought what the Sixers are doing is sick, this may be a farfetched idea. Although, an image of a Larry O’Brien trophy and a championship ring can make people do some drastic things.



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