Luke Maye Scouting Report

Luke Maye

School: North Carolina

Year: Senior

Height/Weight: 6’7, 227 lbs.



Luke Maye is an adequate low-post scorer as well as a solid shooter from all over the floor, providing UNC with a stretch forward.

Luke Maye is a smart, skilled combo forward who plays on both ends of the court. His ability to stretch the floor has been tremendous for UNC to have a small line up with Maye playing the 5. This helps with the speed and quickness of UNC running a small line-up.

Luke Maye has NBA range with his jumper and has a patented pump fake that he loves to go to. He’s the clear general on the floor for his teammates and he’s able to become a playmaker when it’s needed.

Maye will most likely end his senior season averaging a double double which goes to show his aggressiveness on the boards, given how good we know he is at scoring the ball.


The downside to Maye’s game is his pass first mentality. He’s a very passive player and it sometimes takes him a minute to get into his game. His passive attitude sometimes causes UNC games where Maye could’ve been more aggressive with his scoring. Since he’s a senior and a leader, UNC looks up to him to help them especially since UNC is a very young team.

Maye also has his struggles when shooting in traffic, especially if the defender is taller than him. He sometimes rushes his shot and that also plays a role in him becoming too passive when his shots aren’t falling.

Maye’s defense is particularly streaky at times. He struggles to guard quicker players which causes him to get into foul trouble a lot and he doesn’t collect many steals and blocks due to his below average level of athleticism. This is the biggest key for him if he ever wants to make it to the NBA.

Future Outlook:

Maye isn’t seen as a dynamic player or athletic, which can limit his ceiling as a prospect for the NBA. But, Maye’s skill-set and ability to put the ball into the hoop can help him find a route to the NBA. No he won’t be a lottery pick, and probably won’t even go in the first round. But Luke can possibly be drafted round two of the NBA draft, though unlikely. If he does go undrafted, he will be a nice pick up for the G league and can work his way onto an NBA roster down the line if he can improve on becoming confident in his shot and more reliant defensively.


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