Lonzo Ball’s father needs to relax

Lonzo Ball

There’s nothing wrong in believing that you are the best player in the world. When you put in the time and the effort, you need that confidence to propel you to the next level. As your confidence builds, there’s going to be people there who will also back your confidence as well. Mothers and fathers, for example, believe in their children and push them to be the best. However, at some point there has to be a line that is drawn and I believe Lonzo Ball’s father, LaVar Ball has crossed that line.

In an interview with TMZ Sports, LaVar stated that his son would be better than the back-to-back MVP, Stephen Curry.

He didn’t just stop there. During a sideline interview at a UCLA game, Ball continued his narrative of saying that his son is better than Curry.


There’s one thing to have confidence and belief in your child but then there’s going too far. If he just said I believe Lonzo is going to be the best in the league then sure, I’m okay with that. But when you add Stephen Curry and state he’s better than him right now then we have a problem.

For a kid to not even have been drafted yet or step foot on an NBA court, this adds a lot of pressure. We all know the competitive level that separates the NCAA and the NBA is huge. Not every star college player turns out to be a star at the professional level. We’ve seen some of the best college players turn into NBA busts. I’m not saying that Lonzo Ball will be that but to say he’s better than the 1st ever unanimous MVP is a bit extreme and unnecessary to me.

Lonzo Ball is definitely a talented basketball player and one of the best players that will be entering the draft at the end of the season. He’s averaging 15.4 points, 6.1 rebounds, and 7.6 assists per game on the season while shooting 55.5% from the field and 43% from three. Many believe he will be a top 2-3 pick in this upcoming draft and an immediate impact to whatever team he joins.

With the talent that Lonzo Ball possesses, he will sure have a bright future. Whether he will be the best in the NBA or better than Stephen Curry for that matter is yet to be determined. I’m all for having confidence and support for your son but this is just unnecessary. We all have our different ways of supporting each other and to each his own. But I’d rather my son paint his own narrative than for me to paint it for him. Will Lonzo Ball be better than Stephen Curry? We don’t know but I surely do wish him the best.


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