Lakers Lair Ep. 14: Which Young Lakers are ‘Untouchable’ in a trade?

Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Throughout the past years, the Lakers have constructed the core of their roster through the NBA Draft.

While some of those draft picks may not be on the roster (Julius Randle, D’Angelo Russell, Jordan Clarkson, and Larry Nance Jr.), there do remain some valuable young players. The only downfall to being a young player for this Lakers team is that you’re constantly going to hear your name mentioned in trade talks.

With that said, which of these new young Lakers (Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Kyle Kuzma, and Josh Hart) should be viewed as untouchable when a trade for a superstar comes up. Lakers Lair hosts BJ Boyer and Randy King started off their discussion with this.

“Personally, I feel like it would be tough for the Lakers to part ways with Lonzo. When you put him next to good players it not only makes them better but it makes him better.” – BJ Boyer

Hard to trade a player away that can provide this on a nightly basis:

Keeping the focus on the youth this episode, there have been rumblings that, as an organization, the Los Angeles Lakers have been doing an injustice to their youth by not developing them properly.

“The lakers go out and they get superstars and get championships that way. They have a niche in their market and it doesn’t necessarily favor player development.” – Randy King

One of the players that did develop rather well in a Lakers uniform, Kobe Bryant, created more than enough moments for the Purple & Gold to remember and glorify him by.

One of the many moments that Kobe provided were his stretches of nine straight 40 point games and 16 consecutive 30 point games.

In case you forgot how lethal of a scorer that the Black Mamba was, here is a refresher:

Rockets superstar James Harden has since tied Kobe’s 30-point consecutive game streak. So, the question must be asked, is ‘The Beard’s’ run one of the best that we have seen in NBA history, and is he the best offensive player we have in today’s NBA?

“I would put his behind kobe’s stretch and then in first i’m going to give it to Wilt for his nine straight triple-doubles.” – Randy King

“offensively, I think he is the most dangerous player in the nba” – BJ Boyer

The duo also discussed several other topics in this episode including a segment you’re not going to want to miss, where King and Boyer construct their list of the leagues best ‘glue guys’.

As always, welcome inside the Lakers Lair and find out who those ‘glue guy’ players are as well as expanded comments regarding the topics listed above. Enjoy!



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