LaGerald Vick Scouting Report

LaGerald Vick

School: Kansas

Year: Senior

Height/Weight: 6’5, 190 lbs



LaGerald Vick’s athleticism, defense, and shooting form are what makes him stand out the most. Quick feet and the ability to change directions quickly allow Vick to be a good on-ball defender.

He possesses the leaping ability needed to contest shots at the rim on the defender, no matter how tall they are. Even at 6’5″, he knows how to put himself in the correct position to get a big block. He can stuff a shot while playing help defense, or he can contain his man when playing on-ball defense. Quickly jumping into passing lanes is another avenue in which his athleticism comes to light while making impactful defense and making game changing plays.

On the other end of the floor, Vick shows a willingness to fire away when he gets the chance on a catch-and-shoot opportunity. He steps into his shot and fires quickly with a fast, fluid motion. Last year we knew Vick had the clear potential to be a knock-down shooter, but it wasn’t apparent quite yet. That has completely changed this season with Vick showing how great of a shooter he has become over his time with the Jayhawks.



Vick’s most noticeable downfalls are his attitude, ball handling, and tendency to ball watch on both ends of the floor. Since he is ready to shoot upon catching the ball, Vick does not put the ball down and use any sort of shiftiness to get by defenders. He fails to turn the corner on most defenders and does not drive to his left much at all. In turn, this readiness to shoot also forces him to just stand in the corner and watch as plays unfold. He does not cut to the basket often and does not move much on the perimeter either.

On the defensive end, Vick tends to turn his back on his man while focusing too much on the ball. This has given his man open shot opportunities on many occasions. Then, Vick does not seem to care about his teammates that often. Many times when his team made big plays he did not cheer or get off of the bench to congratulate teammates during a timeout. While on the court, he rarely helped a teammate off the floor and showed reluctance to give anyone encouragement. Take from that what you will.


Future Outlook:

For now, LaGerald Vick seems to be the prototypical 3 and D type of player. He has the potential for much more on offense if his ball handling could catch up to his athleticism, and if he could learn to distribute more with the bigger frame that he owns as a guard. His game contains the groundwork of the three-point direction that the NBA is headed. Last year, we said that if he could make that his three pointer consistent, then we would entertain him for a potential draft pick. He has done that and more this season. As long as he keeps up the terrific production, LaGerald Vick will get drafted in June of this year.


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