KZ Okpala Scouting Report

KZ Okpala

Team: Stanford

Year: Sophomore

Height/Weight: 6’8, 205 lbs.



KZ Okpala has elite slashing ability and continues to improve. He has impressive flexibility when he contorts his body to score at the rim. Impressive length, combined with his solid dexterity, he continues to become an elite scorer at every level of the floor. He’s without a doubt a professional scorer.

His professional scoring has been on display countless times. Off-balance, miss-direction, or even when he’s double teamed, the Californian native finds a way to finish. He has a wide wingspan, so even on his misses he can sometimes get the offensive rebound. At 6’8, the forward has solid size but is not afraid to go amongst the trees and score on the inside.

His length does not only help him offensively, but it has also helped on the defensive end in the passing lanes. He is a sneaky/pesky defender, though if he can improve it it’ll be encouraging. KZ is an elite three point shooter, and he is an elite shooter when his feet are set. He has the chance to become an even better scorer as he finds his comfortability with his shot this season.



Okpala’s dribbling ability will open up a lot more opportunities for KZ as he slashes and shoots. He relies on luring his defender to sleep to drive or use his length, but as he progresses to the next level that will not always be as easy as the defense improves. KZ is a lengthy player that you hope does not become content with his length being the difference maker and not work on his ball handling as much.

KZ is a professional scorer, there is no denying that but he has to become a better playmaker to become a solid pro. Being able to create your own shot works in this modern day NBA, but creating for others stretches the defense. Okpala opened up his sophomore campaign with five assists against Seattle. He’s had a few four assists games this season so you know the potential to distribute the ball is there.

He can become a little turnover prone, due to his lackluster ball handling and also his confidence in his length being able to protect him from potentially losing the ball can work against him. He has become a better rebounder since his freshman year, but the better rebounder he becomes, the more his stock rises.


Future Outlook:

KZ Okpala is having an impressive sophomore season. With his scoring ability and length he will be an intriguing first round draft talent. He must improve on his ball handling ability, rebounding, and defense to become an elite player at the next level. As of right now, I can see him landing in the top 20, but that all depends on how he can create for others the rest of this season.


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