Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant’s Brooklyn Nets Future Concerning Reveals Analyst [VIDEO]

Kyrie Irving
via Getty Images

Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant will headline a Brooklyn Nets team that is expected to compete mightily in the NBA’s Eastern Conference standings for a few years.

How will they fare?

On this week’s episode of the Scoop B Radio Podcast, I checked in with retired NBA player and current NBA analyst, Ryan Hollins who tells me he has some concerns. “I’m so concerned about how that’s going to work out,” Ryan Hollins tells Scoop B Radio.

“I wanna see how those guys mindsets come in and works. I want to see who the Brooklyn Nets hire as a coach. If it’s not Tyronn Lue, I’m going to very, very concerned. Same time I was concerned with Frank Vogel, but Frank Vogel got LeBron to buy in and play defense. I never remembered LeBron James taking a charge unless he was accidentally in your way. So, I’m concerned about they’re bringing in as head coach and coaching those guys from a mental aspect. When I look at their games, they DON’T fit. KD’s one of the greatest scorers that we’ve seen in our time. He’s one of the more talented players that we ever seen. They both had success, but their games don’t quite fit together. How are they going to fit together are the biggest questions. When the media stirs up and can’t wait to catch KD on the internet and have Kyrie in a Postgame Live, like how are they going to fit? Alienate the rest of the team or are they going to embrace the guys around them? Are they going to bring in a locker room full of veterans? I am so intrigued on how that is going to work out. Brooklyn was really in a very good spot, and now it’s nothing but media and turmoil in there. But I don’t blame Brooklyn for going after it.”


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