Kevin Garnett Will Re-Sign in Minnesota Next Season

Kevin Garnett


The Minnesota Timberwolves traded for Kevin Garnett last season and even though he’s obviously not the player he once was; it still turned out to be one of the ‘feel-good’ stories of the season. After 20 years in the league, it’s hard to tell how much he has left in the tank but the Timberwolves are looking for him to serve more as a mentor amongst this young team. It looks like Garnett isn’t quite ready to hang up the laces yet. It’s been reported that he will return to the team and so will Flip Saunders. 

Although it hasn’t been announced, pending free agent Kevin Garnett definitely will re-sign with the Wolves, and Saunders definitely will return as coach.

Garnett staying another year means a lot to the Minnesota organization but it means even more to number 1 draft pick, Karl-Anthony Towns. A young forward taken early in the draft himself, KG was in Towns’s shoes coming into the league. Although his rookie year was a long time ago, Kevin can show these young rookies the ropes and teach them the ins and outs of the NBA. The knowledge that he possesses is priceless so its in the players’ best interest to keep their ears open and to play close attention.


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