Jimmy Butler…please stop

Jimmy Butler

You know how when you were a kid and you didn’t get your way, you’d stomp your feet or cry until you get what you want?

That’s what Jimmy Butler is doing right now.

And keep in mind, not sure if you know this, but Jimmy Butler is a grown man. He’s not a child, but is still stomping his feet and whining because Timberwolves management has not traded him yet. Butler last sat out against the Jazz on Wednesday for what they called “general soreness”. That game against the Jazz that Butler sat out was one that they got an upset win on the back of Derrick Rose. Now, that’s not to say that JB wasn’t actually injured, but for a guy who prides himself on being so tough, it’s hard to see how that’s a good excuse.

Remember that Jimmy Butler put the entire team on display a month back during that infamous practice for not being tough enough. He brought Rachel Nichols with him to show how good he was. He wanted everyone in the world to know that he was the best and that he was right in wanting a trade from the team. He wanted to show everyone how weak his teammates were. But, now? Jimmy Butler is clearly being the weak one.

Jimmy wanted to defend his actions and came out saying this today with his interview with Chris Haynes:

“These are my guys. Look, [my situation] don’t got [expletive] to do with me and everybody in this [expletive] locker room. I love these [expletive]. I’m going to keep it one hundred with you. I love these guys. So, when everybody says, ‘Oh, there’s going to be a problem in the locker room.’ Yeah, all right. Does it look like there’s a problem in the locker room?”

Now, it does seem like Jimmy Butler still gets along well with at least some of his teammates. But, we can guarantee you that not all of his guys feel the same way.

This has to be especially true after he came out saying this last night regarding whether or not he’d be sitting out another game:

“I let them know. They don’t know how my body feels. So if I’m nicked up, then you can count on that. I don’t know. We’ll see how it goes.”

We know how tough the game of basketball is on the body and for someone like Jimmy Butler who has had countless amount of injuries, it’s understandable.

BUT, again, this is coming from Jimmy Butler, the guy who claims to be such an amazing basketball player and so much tougher than everyone else. He posted an Instagram photo, if you remember, with the caption this past summer, “one job of a leader is to show the lost ones the way. every last one of these idiots behind me look hella lost smh”. That was so clearly a shot at Andrew Wiggins and Karl-Anthony Towns and we all knew it.

Now, it’s time for Jimmy Butler to be the bigger man again. Stop with the nonsense and acting like a child. If you want a trade, then the Timberwolves are going to most likely end up trading you. But, don’t act naive and ruin a team’s chances of making the playoffs just because you aren’t getting your way. He calls himself a leader, but have you seen Towns’s body language lately? He seems to be so affected by all of this and he needs a true leader by his side. Jimmy Butler hasn’t been that at all.

This is his job and he needs to stop sometimes being this great basketball player who is the toughest player on the court every night. Be it all the time.

So, Jimmy Butler…please just stop doing things like this…


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