Fisch’s Friday Rant: Petty Drama and Trainers

JaVale McGee

This week’s Fisch’s Friday Rant is dedicated to stories that should not be stories, petty drama, terrible medical staffs, and competitive games. JaVale McGee and Shaq are the leading duo in the topic of stories that shouldn’t be stories.

McGee and Shaq got into it over Twitter after Shaq made it a little personal on Shaqtin a Fool. The whole feud is quite dumb, and all of the exchanges were very petty. Now, we’re supposed to believe the whole thing is over due to the two mothers telling them to end it? Along the lines of dumb stories is Lonzo Ball’s dad hyping up Lonzo like one of the greatest hype men ever.

Then, we have Amar’e Stoudemire making some homophobic comments. The interviewer even gave him an out, but he decided not to take it. So now he wants to reverse his comments and say they’re a joke? Ok, Amar’e, I guess so.

Finally, it’s time to start talking about the medical staff over in Philadelphia. Oh, and Chris Paul is actually talking about making the All-Star Game more competitive. Hooray!


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