For The Love of The Game


Fans of all sports can unanimously agree that the love of these varying games takes us all through amazing highs and devastating lows. Whether playing or watching, the life of a fan whether avid or casual can definitely take on some interesting turns and plot twists.

Much like life in general, sports lovers come from all walks of life. Different backgrounds… Different starting points. Purely Beautiful if you ask me. In my own basketball journey I’ve encountered some pretty compelling personalities, had some thought-provoking conversations, as well as my fair share of laughs and light-hearted moments.

However, I wanted to dig deeper into the subject matter and inner fabric of why we love sports the way we do. Why do these sports have a hold on us the way they do. So, I enlisted a few friends to participate on this journey with me. To share their joy, their pains. To share what they want out of the game(s). What they wish they could change.

So without further adieu… Enter our world. Of course; For the LOVE of the Game…

Do you remember the exact moment you knew you loved the game of basketball? What sensations/feelings were running through you?


Isiah Barber: PG La Roche College (Pittsburgh, USA)

I never loved basketball until it was taken away from me. When I was in California, I was depressed. I didn’t know I loved the game until I tried to run away from my problems. I played football to hide and eliminate my shortcomings in basketball at my previous school, not realizing I didn’t deserve success, because I never worked hard enough for the game. When I went to California to play football, I was forced to work for something I didn’t truly love, and that’s why I believe The Lord above, had me tear my achilles when I did. When I tore it I felt pain not just because I had gotten hurt, but because I gave up on an unfulfilled dream. The time I spent in that cast allowed me to realize I was ready to put everything I had into this dream. No matter how long it took, I was and currently am in the mindset of doing everything in my power to make it HAPPEN! That moment that I tore my achilles on that football field in California was when I fell in love with basketball…

Larry Brodie: SG La Roche College (Pittsburgh, USA)

I fell in love with the game in the 8th Grade. I recall always accompanying my friend to his AAU games, but i wasn’t good enough to play on that team. I went to every single practice, and traveled with them all because I wanted to be apart of the team. My desire to be on that team forced me to work on my game even more. 9th Grade was really the first time I truly realized i could be really good if not great at basketball. That drive I developed in 8th grade is what ultimately pushes me today.

Christopher St. Jean: Writer at Basketball Society

I fell in love with the game of basketball in my driveway. I mastered the art of dribbling on uneven surfaces, using english on an undersized backboard, and taking 12 foot jumpers (that’s about all the room I had). That’s where I learned that being on a basketball court was meditate and therapeutic for me.

Cyril Mpacko: Co-Founder of Basketball Society & Basketball Trainer

Growing up soccer was king in my household. With a father and an older brother who played professionally, all I ever dreamed of was becoming a professional myself. My brother was Mr. everything when it came to high school soccer, thus I knew I had big shoes to fill being that I wanted to be just like him and gain his approval. Soccer was my life. But then those plans of mine were altered when I made my 6th grade basketball team. I suddenly found myself emulating Allen Iverson and Steve Francis a little more than Ronaldo & Zinedine Zidane. The tipping point came in the 9th grade. I was a pretty good PG in Northern California, however my move to the Seattle, Washington area made me rethink things. For the first time in my brief basketball career I was told I wasn’t good enough. So i became obsessed. Plenty of lonely nights in the gym shooting jumpshots. Perfecting my handle and just studying the game. When basketball was taken away from me, it became me. The pains I felt as a 14 year old, transgressed into the love I feel as a 25 year old today. It’s been an uneasy union for the past 11 years, but looking back on my journey, I still love “HER” more than ever.


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