Fletcher Magee Scouting Report

Fletcher Magee

School: Wofford

Year: Senior

Height/Weight: 6’4, 200 lbs


Fletcher Magee has been one of the premier three-point shooters in college basketball over the past few seasons. In his junior season last year he hit 148 threes and shot it at a 44% clip from behind the arc. His biggest strength is definitely his shooting. He has a quick release and the ability to hit tough off-balance shots from anywhere on the court.

He’s one of the guys that you can rely on to hit the shot when he’s got a clean look at the basket as well. Wofford tries to get the ball in his hands as much as possible by having him come off screens on the ball side after running along the baseline. His ability to get separation off of these screens is impressive, as he is good at using his quick feet to get by defenders and cut those quick corners around the screens.


Magee’s biggest weakness is his defense. He has difficulty fighting through both on and off ball screens, which can even sometimes be due to his lack of communication.

Magee is not a physical defender and does not seem willing to hit the defensive glass or to box out the nearest offensive player. When guarding on the ball he keeps his hands closer to his sides instead of extending his arms so that he can provide pressure on the ball-handler.

His off-ball defense is also a major weakness, as he rarely makes an effort to play the passing lanes. Effort, what seems like laziness at times, and lack of communication are Fletcher Magee’s biggest detriments defensively.

Future Outlook:

In the 2018-2019 season opener against UNC, Magee struggled from the field. However he struggled even more from behind the arc, finishing 3 for 15. His offensive struggles could have been a product of early season jitters or a lengthy and tough UNC team. However, Magee still managed to score 21 points and proved that he could score in a variety of ways. There is no question that he is a solid scorer and an above average three-point shooter. In order for him to be considered a draft prospect he needs to work on his individual defensive techniques and get back to shooting a high percentage from deep.

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