Fisch’s Friday Rant: Can I Kick It?

Draymond Green

It’s Friday, gotta get down on Friday! I’m sorry, but I had to reference the Friday song at some point for these rant videos. Nevertheless, it is Friday, and that does mean that there is a rant! Two big topics that are being talked about in the twittersphere and everywhere else are Draymond Green kicking people, Russell Westbrook, and James Harden.

First of all, it’s time to address the ninja that is Draymond Green. This man has done it all except for maybe a Bruce Lee spinning back kick and a Jackie Chan move out of Rush Hour. Anyway, it’s amazing that we’re still really even talking about it. The crazier part of all of this is the fact that people are seriously cursing him out and sending threats his way. What a time to be alive.

Then, we also get into some debating about Russell Westbrook vs James Harden. There are plenty of talk about the two of them since they’re the clear cut, top MVP candidates. Both of them are getting triple-doubles, but only one of them is averaging a triple-double. While downplaying certain things when debating between the two is understandable, never use that technique to say these guys are terrible. If that sounds confusing, just watch the video and it will all make sense.


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