Emmanuel Mudiay impresses in 2nd Summer League game


Emmanuel Mudiay made his Summer League debut on Friday against the Hawks, but showed obvious struggles, especially from the field. He finished shooting 5/15 from the field, but did show early signs of being a good passer.

Yesterday, Mudiay took it to a new level in impressing us.

All game, Mudiay showed us his terrific court vision. He knew where his players would be on the court at all times and seemed to find them an open shot with ease.

If you look at the box score and say that he was passing the ball poorly because of his 6 TOs, that would be a poor representation of how he was passing the ball. Most of those turnovers came late in the game when the Nuggets had already secured the win and Emmanuel simply continued to force the ball too much. He seems like one of those players who will immediately understand the mistakes he made and quickly aim to improve on them.

Emmanuel produced an incredible mid-range shot. He has a nice touch around the rim as well. The only weakness is that 3-point shot, but I’m sure they will be satisfied with his shooting as long as he can take that 20-footer.

Mudiay finished with 19 points, on 7/15 shooting, to go along with 10 assists. Just a terrific performance by one of the young rookies that has a lot of promise.

The 2015 NBA Draft class, even though it is only summer league, continues to impress early on and should have many all-stars come out of it. Emmanuel Mudiay might just end up being one of those all-stars.


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