DJ’s Three-Point Take: The Debacle of the New York Knicks

J.R. Smith
J.R. Smith
Photo: USA TODAY Sports

DJ’s Three-Point Take: The Debacle of the New York Knicks

What’s wrong with the New York Knicks?! Is it the coach? Is it the new implemented triangle? Or maybe this team just isn’t that good. The Knicks are currently looking at a 4-15 record after a loss last night to the Brooklyn Nets and a loss on Sunday to the Miami Heat with the return of their star Carmelo Anthony. Against the Heat, Amare Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony tried to carry the team to victory, but they came up short.

This season has been a rough journey so far for the Knicks. They started the season with a new president, new coach, and a new offense. Head coach Derek Fisher and new president Phil Jackson have been trying to implement the triangle offense that Jackson had great success with in his career as head coach of the Chicago Bulls and the Los Angeles Lakers, however it’s not coming together in the city of New York.

  • There have  been glimpses where the offense looks fluent but overall the consistency isn’t there. The Knicks have had numerous possessions of shot clock violations and other possessions where they gave Anthony the ball and just watched him play one on one. A few players have come out during the season stating they’re still learning the triangle offense and Knicks guard J.R. Smith actually admitted that he was confused by the offense.

Even though the offense has been the center of attention for the Knicks, their defense hasn’t been at its best either.

  • The New York Knicks are giving up an average of 99 points a game with a defensive efficiency rating of 107.2 which is ranked 26th in the league and Amare thinks it’s due to a lack of effort. In a the interview after the Knicks loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder, Amare came out and stated,

“It’s intensity level at this point. The learning process is there. We can’t keep saying we’re learning. Teams want it more than we do. We can’t say we’re still learning. We can’t say we had an off night shooting. That happens, but you can still win the ballgame with defense. We have to become students of the game and become masters of our craft.”

He also went on to say how their play has been unacceptable and that his team needs to have more enthusiasm and a higher sense of urgency. 

  • With the Knicks struggling in all aspects, we haven’t seen much emotion from Derek Fisher. We’ve seen a calm demeanor from Fisher on the sidelines and at the podium, but I wonder how long that will last until the frustration begins to lash out. This team is in desperate need of a spark and maybe it needs to come from their coach to get his players performing at a high level. 

Fans in New York are well known for not being shy of expressing their feelings about what’s going on with their teams so I’m curious to see how long they will put up with this disaster from the Knicks.


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