Derrick Rose scores 28 versus Mavs, continues to defy odds and inspire people

Derrick Rose

Washed. Cancer. Selfish. Can’t create for others.

These are just some of the terms people use to describe Minnesota Timberwolves point guard Derrick Rose nowadays. The former MVP has endured four knee surgeries and is no longer a superstar player in the NBA. Here’s the problem, though. There’s space between being an MVP and a washed player, but for some reason, that statement doesn’t apply to Derrick Rose.

Pundits think just because he’s not playing at an MVP level or doing acrobatic stuff in games means he’s not a good player anymore, and that’s a really negative way to judge a player. Instead of bashing the guy all the time, people should be commending Derrick Rose for not giving up on his dream and love of basketball after all he has been through. He’s an inspiration to so many young hoopers. When adversity hits, time and time again, you don’t give up. You work your hardest to get back up and prove the critics wrong, and that’s exactly what Rose is doing.

The Chicago native put on a stellar performance Saturday night against the Dallas Mavericks. In roughly 32 minutes of action, Rose scored 28 points while shooting 11-of-21 from the field, 2-of-5 from beyond the arc, and 4-of-6 from the free-throw line. The 30-year-old also dished out five assists, grabbed five rebounds, and racked up two steals.

Check out this play from D-Rose. Remember, this is a guy who has had FOUR knee surgeries, and he’s still able to pull off these majestic layups in traffic. This is really inspirational stuff right here from Chicago’s favorite son:

The Timberwolves ended up losing the game, but to see Rose put on a show like that was great to see, something NBA reporter Marc Stein of The New York Times pointed out:

Derrick Rose is only making the veteran’s minimum this season. Name an NBA player better than Rose that is on a better contract? It’s highly doubtful you’ll be able to.

Check out Rose’s full highlights versus the Mavs below:


  1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more hated player than DRose. Sadly, most people don’t look at context of his situation. He blew his ACL in April 2012, since then when has he been 100% healthy & fluid? In all honesty, right now is the 1st time in 6 years. Can’t write a guy off without giving him a opportunity to get a rhythm back. I always look at him & say it would be very intriguing to see what his game would look like if he could just stay on the court healthy for a full year. Everytime he gets hurt, it’s back to Step 1 of Rehab. So any rhythm, bounce, bunnies, flow to his step, 1,2, game, shot, you name it, it all goes back to square 1. Those of us who really hooped & especially hooped competitively, you’ll NEVER hear any of us say anything but great things about Derrick. He’s right most guys would have said “Fuck It” and retired. Kid has a ton of heart! Something that has been interesting to me is how the DRose conservation IMO has exposed the fact that we have this horrible culture of Sports Writers now who have a large platform to speak about the game & the players, yet they don’t really know the game of basketball. Their takes on DRose alone have exposed a sad lack of IQ & understanding. Eye Test >>> Metrics & Analytics


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