DeMarre Carroll Could Get $12M Per Year



As reported by James Herbert of CBS Sports, DeMarre Carroll could be seeing a payday as big as $12 million per year.

If anyone improved his worth this season, it definitely was DeMarre Carroll. Throughout the regular season and postseason, before he hurt his knee, Carroll proved that he can play an important role on a playoff team. Coincidentally, he was the only starter to not be named an all-start this year, but he was the most consistent when it came to the postseason.

Even with the injury, Carroll averaged 14.6 points and 6.1 rebounds per game while shooting 48.6 percent from the floor and 40.3 percent from three. He also was the better defender on the team.

Via Kevin Arnovitz of ESPN:

There might not be a player in the league who drove up his price more than Carroll this season — and postseason. League sources say that the high appraisal on Carroll is four years and $50 million, with the regular caveat these days (see above) that the combination of a league brimming with cap space and a salary-cap number one year away from an historic explosion could compel a single team to go even higher.

The Hawks like Carroll a ton, but they’re also a pragmatic and unemotional front office that doesn’t have a single player on their roster under a contract that’s unfavorable to the team. That’s unlikely to change going forward, whether or not Carroll gets an outsized offer from one of 29 other teams. And as much as Carroll treasures the opportunity and trust he’s been given in Atlanta, he’s worked his whole life for the contract he’ll sign this summer. He’s boosted his value and now intends to cash in on it.

The Hawks took on Carroll and became his fifth team in five years. When he joined Atlanta, they helped him work on his shot. It has worked wonders and now he is a consistent shooter as well as a defensive threat at the wing.

There are a few playoff teams that are in desperate need of a wing like Carroll. Say the Clippers had Carroll at the wing instead of Barnes, then the series against Houston could have ended differently. Carroll getting this kind of money doesn’t sound surprising anymore. He earned a payday, and that’s what he’s going to get this offseason.


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