DeMarcus Cousins speaks on his suspension

DeMarcus Cousins, George Karl
Mandatory Credit - Hector Amezcua
DeMarcus Cousins, George Karl
Mandatory Credit – Hector Amezcua

When anyone talks about drama filled teams that never seem to work out, the Sacramento Kings are usually one of the teams that instantly come to mind. They have the trifecta of drama going on with the crazy front office and ownership, coach problems, and even player issues. So, here we are again with a little feud going on between DeMarcus Cousins and George Karl.

Marc Spears of Yahoo Sports got things started with a quote from Cousins himself:

Here’s the weird part about this statement, George Karl wanted to suspend Cousins before when he went crazy in the locker room, but Vlade Divac decided not to do it. So, that means Karl can’t exactly suspend Cousins on the spot. He has to go to the front office first to get them to suspend Cousins at his request. According to Matt Moore of CBS Sports, Divac was seen arguing with Cousins after the game he had to sit out. Now, there’s tons of layers to this spat, and it could be linked right back to whether the Kings want to keep Karl long term or not.

DeMarcus Cousins continued to add to the original quote:

Well, I do understand that the locker room is probably frustrated, but is this supposed to be an excuse for throwing his coach under the bus and getting suspended? The Kings are already eliminated from the playoffs in the eyes of many fans, but they’ll officially be eliminated in as few as ten games. They can be frustrated all they want right now, but their redemption will most likely have to wait until next season.

Karl and Cousins obviously don’t see eye-to-eye, and that clearly doesn’t bode well for the team. Think what you want about the damage that Cousins has done to the team, but the reality here is that the real problem is much bigger than just Cousins.


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