VIDEO: D’Angelo Russell scores a career high 39 points in Lakers win


Byron Scott has had a tight leash on rookie D’Angelo Russell all season, but the young phenom decided to break out and wreak havoc last night. Russell had a career-high last night with 39 points, 24 of those coming behind the three-point line. His breakout night led to a Lakers 107-101 victory over the Brooklyn Nets, that ended an eight-game losing streak. 

D’Angelo was feeling it and a night like that is a huge confidence boost for a young rookie. He’s been facing inconsistencies all season, dealing with his play and fluctuations in playing time. Coach Scott has been highly critical of the young point guard and with his decision to bring him off the bench, he has been scrutinized by many fans and media across the globe. However, this is the type of play that Laker fans have been waiting for. It’s been a tough season for Laker Nation, especially during this 8-game skid, but ‘DLoading‘ finally gave them something to cheer for. 


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