Coachability in great players is an underrated trait

Kawhi Leonard and Gregg Popovich NBA coachability

Having an open mind and a coachable mentality can take a young player’s talent to new heights. Taking in information from coaches, players, and veterans of the game can increase the IQ of a player immensely. In addition, it can turn a player into a leader. Not everyone is born a leader or meant to be one but being coachable can transition someone who’s ready for leadership.

To some, being coachable isn’t easy. First thing first; ego has to be put to the side. A coachable player is one who’s willing to learn and is not susceptible to criticism. Sometimes that means sitting the bench or getting yelled at. The response from the player proves what type of player he is. Either he/she is going to get upset or they’re going to be coachable and use that as motivation to get better.

A lot of players hoping to get recruited to either college or the NBA forget how important coachability is. Not only to their games but also how they’re viewed by others. A few of the questions that high-level coaches and recruiters ask are: How is he/she in practice, games, and/or off the court? Does he/she listen and take criticism well? Is he/she coachable?

These are all key questions that pertain to a player’s coachability. But what can’t be forgotten is that it also reflects their character. Sometimes players become too full of themselves or get too much notoriety and believe they don’t need help. But no one is too good for help. Even Kobe Bryant sought help from Michael Jordan in regards to things he wanted to learn.

Michael Jordan sharing a little advice he gave a young curious Kobe Bryant after a game back in 1997. 

Players must remember how important being coachable is. For one it helps their games but it’s also a check mark on their side in regards to recruitment and perception as well. No matter how good a player becomes, they’re never bigger than the game because NO ONE is bigger than the game. Be willing to learn on and off the court. You’d be surprised how far that eagerness can take you.


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