Chandler Parsons Returns To Houston


The Mavericks travel to Houston Saturday night, marking the first night that Chandler Parsons returns to his old home.


Chandler Parsons returns to his stomping grounds of the last three years. Houston will most likely play a tribute video for him as they did for Jeremy Lin when he came to Houston with the Lakers. The only question, however, is will the fans give him a warm welcome or will the boo him because he left the team to go to their in-state rival Dallas. 

Mark Cuban was asked what he thought the fans’ reception will be like, via Tim McMahon of ESPN Dallas:

“I think the women will cheer and the guys will boo,” Mavs owner Mark Cuban said, half-kidding about the full-time small forward, part-time jeans model’s popularity with the ladies.

Either way, this game will be an emotional one for Parsons. After all the conversation through the media between him and Harden and all the fans mixed emotions for him, it should give Parsons some fuel to take it to the Rockets. Even the exchanges with the GM Daryl Morey will give Parsons some bulletin board material for this game. 

The Mavericks are in the midst of a six-game win streak where they score over 120 in three occasions. Dirk Nowitzki and company will definitely have Parsons’ back as he tries to prove to the Houston crowd that he really is worth the contract he signed. Although, Houston is on a two-game skid and they are trying to get back on track. Dwight Howard might be out for the game, but that just means more time to watch Ellis against Harden and Parsons against Ariza. 




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