Cavaliers to start Joe Harris at two-guard?

Joe Harris

Joe Harris

Cavaliers to start Joe Harris at two-guard?

The Cleveland Cavaliers selected University of Virginia guard Joe Harris 33rd overall in the NBA Draft this year. Harris not only made the team but earned himself a two-year guaranteed contract with Cleveland. Harris has played and done some nice things at the two-guard amongst the talent core of LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Love, and now he will reportedly have a chance to be the Cavaliers’ starting shooting guard.

From Jason Lloyd of the Akron Beacon-Journal:

With the way he is progressing and as well as he is playing, Joe Harris will be the starting shooting guard sooner rather than later. Much sooner. As in within a couple of weeks (or less), one source with knowledge of the team’s thinking said. At least one member of the Cavs’ brain trust is already in favor of the switch.

It was the rookie second-round pick – not Dion Waiters or Mike Miller – playing the final six minutes of Friday’s tight game. The Cavs closed the night with Kyrie Irving and Harris in the backcourt, Shawn Marion and LeBron James in the frontcourt and Kevin Love at center. That’s a lineup they could use more and more going forward. …

What seems clear at this point is Dion Waiters’ move to the bench is long term and Marion starting at shooting guard seems short term. Someone has to fill that spot and Harris, at this point, is the likeliest candidate.

Starting Marion at shooting guard was a temporary fix. LeBron James suggested that Dion Waiters be brought off the bench, and so he has been, but Marion is not the ideal floor spacer the Cavaliers want to start the game at the position.

Harris has worked well in the Cleveland system because of his shooting, but also his understanding of the passing game and moving without the basketball. His play thus far just might earn him the biggest promotion of his short career.



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