Carmelo Anthony please put your pride aside and hit the waive button

Carmelo Anthony trade

The roller-coaster surrounding Carmelo Anthony and the New York Knicks has been a rapid one in the past week. The Knicks are 2-8 in their last ten, the fans are frustrated, there’s shade being thrown, and the relationship between Anthony and Phil Jackson is getting worse.

First it started off as Carmelo hinting at possibly leaving during a sit-down with Frank Isola of the New York Daily News:

“If that’s the case than that’s what’s coming from that side I guess it’s a conversation we should have. If they feel like my time in New York is over I guess that’s a conversation we should have.”

However, after a couple days loomed by, ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne reported that a meeting was occurring between Carmelo Anthony and Phil Jackson. A meeting that included Anthony continuing his desire to remain in New York.

Carmelo Anthony is not changing his tune. From day one he always preached how he wanted to bring a title to New York, hence the no trade clause. Despite all the backlash and anguish through newspaper articles and social media, Anthony is not letting anyone push him out of the Big Apple. But I wish he would push himself out of the Big Apple.

More than ever, it is time for Carmelo Anthony to hit that waive button. I get that he has pride but that needs to be put to the side. His time to win a ring is diminishing and those dreams of winning in New York are unrealistic. The New York Knicks are a subpar team with a couple of “once was” stars and that’s just the grueling reality of it.

There are a couple of teams who are on the brink of a championship that could use his talents. Teams like the Toronto Raptors, Boston Celtics, or even the Los Angeles Clippers. There’s no definite that they’d win but he would damn sure be closer than he is in New York. The options are there and all Carmelo Anthony has to do is say the magic word. WAIVE!


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