Cameron Johnson Scouting Report

Cameron Johnson

School: North Carolina

Year: Senior

Height/ Weight: 6’9, 210 lbs



Cam Johnson is a professional shooter; Averaging 18.3 points and 6.7 rebounds so far this year. He’s shooting an absurd 71% from the three point line so far and 59% from the field this season. A potential dark-horse for the ACC Player of the year, his fluent shooting is the reason why Carolina’s largest recruit Nassir Little is still the sixth man for this team. Johnson is arguably one of the best shooters not only in the ACC, but in the country.

His decision to come back to school excited Heels fans for another title push, due to not only his shooting but Johnson’s unselfish play. He has amazing footwork and his stance and balance are very clean. He is not a solid defender, but similar to his offense he is able to use his size to benefit his cause. Johnson’s length offensively gives him the ability to get his shot off with ease and is constantly a match-up problem for multiple defenders. His lack of defensive prowess is made up for by his length. Johnson’s ability to score at every spot on the floor gives you the opportunity to open up his offensive play-making ability.



Johnson came back to Carolina to improve his defense and his overall play-making ability to show that he has more than a one-dimensional game. The lack of ability to create his own shot is one of the biggest problems in his game, but it’s one that Johnson is working to improve on this season. As a great shooter you need a solid pull-up jumper, which is a work in progress when contested. Cameron’s inability to finish over larger defenders at the rim is a big concern for Johnson at the next level. With his solid frame, he has been able to adapt in college, but the League would take advantage of all of his shortcomings.


Future Outlook:

Cameron Johnson has impressed and held his starting position even with Nassir Little trying to gain that crown. Johnson must focus on his defensive versatility and his ability to get to the rim and finishing ability. His play-making ability must improve in P&R ranking as he currently ranks in the 30th percentile. He has to show signs of advancement in his play-making to become a formidable first round pick.


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