Bol Bol Scouting Report

Bol Bol

School: Oregon

Year: Freshman

Height/Weight: 7’3, 235 lbs



Bol Bol is so skilled. He has a smooth jumper and can actually take opponents off the dribble. A lot of times you’ll watch him play and completely forget that he’s 7’3!!! That’s truly something you want to hear about a young player with his stature. And one of the main reasons why you would say that while watching him is because of exceptional footwork.

That footwork extends to both sides of the ball. Let’s start with his defense and look at one specific possession from this year:

This is phenomenal defense from someone who you would expect to have his movement be in the weaknesses column. He’s able to move his feet well enough to contain guards at this level, that’s exceptional.

The most impressive part of Bol’s game to this point is actually the touch on his shot. As mentioned, he has a smooth jumper, but he actually has a nice looking floater too. That’s usually his go to in the paint when he’s a little outside of the restricted zone.

If Bol is hitting that shot, it’s all over for the competition.



Bol is an outstanding prospect, but the one major weakness he has is his physicality and post-defense. Mind you, Luka Garza is a talented and physical big, but he shouldn’t be able to do this to Bol…

This wasn’t a one time occurrence either. We have consistently seen this from Bol Bol and there’s no way he would survive at the next level in the post if he can’t do a better job. Guys like Enes Kanter would feast on him. He has to get more physical and not let his guy easily get that low in the post and bully him.


Future Outlook:

Bol is still a very raw prospect. We just don’t know exactly how good he can even be. The closest comparison we think of is Kristaps Porzingis, which is an easy one. He’s tall, can shoot the ball, and move quite well for his size. Bol Bol, in our mind, is an easy guarantee for a top 10 pick. As the season progresses, he’s going to continue to get better and as that happens, it’s very possible that he can even climb as high as top 3 on our board.


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