Basketball shooting tips to remember when practicing

Klay Thompson Basketball

As I was walking off the basketball court the other morning, I had a young kid ask me, “what drills do I do to work on my shot?”

While the question threw me off guard, I proceeded to give him the best advice I could. It was a great a question which inspired me to give some more insight on shooting. The two things to focus on when looking to improve shooting is mechanics and repetition. These two things go hand in hand. While repetition is the key to success, it’s also imperative to ensure that you’re repeating the proper techniques.

As you enter the gym you must have a grasp of what’s your goal. Of course, you want to improve your shot but what exactly? Are you working on catch and shoot situations, shooting off the dribble, or shooting on the move. If you want to touch them all, that’s okay as well but make sure you know what you want to work on as you enter the gym. 

Two things I always stick to are working my way out from the basket and shooting free throws. Nowadays I see too many kids come to the gym and immediately shoot threes and it makes me cringe. It’s always great to start off at the rim focusing on your mechanics which are the stepping stones to allow you to shoot with range. Also, free throws are a must!! Every great shooter you know of is almost automatic from the free throw line. You can’t leave the gym without shooting free throws. I make sure to shoot them before, during, and after my workout. Whether it’s two, five, or ten make sure you work on your free throws. 

Some of us don’t always have the ability to work with a trainer or have someone rebound for us when we workout. While you may think this could halt your shooting drills, just look at it as a little more running to add to your cardio log. You can still work on your shot and specific moves into your shot without a rebounder. It will just take a little more effort.

A little thing I like to do is put a goal on each thing I work on. Whether it’s making 5 shots in each spot or making 5 in a row, it’s a goal to work towards during each drill. Depending on how much time you have or how well your shot is improving, you can gradually increase your reps to challenge yourself. Instead of making 5 in a row, make 7 and if that comes easy then go to 10 and so on.

When you enter the gym, it’s your free space to work on anything you please. You have that time and freedom to improve your game so it’s imperative to make the most of it. On any given day, if shooting is the area of improvement, keep these little tips in mind. The Klay Thompsons and Stephen Currys focus on their mechanics and make sure they get a lot of reps. They always start at the rim and they never leave the gym without shooting their free throws. They dedicate themselves and put the time in to be the best shooters in the world. If you aspire to be that, there’s nothing stopping you. Get in the gym and get it done.




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