The Atlantic Files Episode 84

The Atlantic Files
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Episode 84 of The Atlantic Files is finally here! The NBA Playoffs have been roaring while I’ve been away. The Conference Semifinals are right around the corner, but we have the first two rounds to talk about.

The Philadelphia 76ers took care of business against Miami but encountered a completely different story against Boston. What went right and wrong for Philly? Was this season still a success?

The Toronto Raptors failed a lot of expectations. This was supposed to be their year, but they threw up a stinker against LeBron James and the Cavaliers. What will they do now?

Finally, the Boston Celtics are still alive. They defeated the Bucks, wiped away the Sixers, and now they face the East’s super villain. LeBron James and the Celtics go head-to-head yet again. Can the young Celtics take him down or will LeBron see his eighth straight Finals?

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