Russell Westbrook needs new scenery | The Atlantic Files Ep165

Russell Westbrook

The NBA off-season is in full swing and everyone is going crazy with the teams that they are currently on. Russell Westbrook and PJ Tucker are both frustrated in Houston, Jrue Holiday is getting shopped around, Chris Paul is weighing his options, and Victor Oladipo is straight-up asking teams if he can play with them.

Ever since Daryl Morey left Houston, the team has seen nothing but turmoil. Westbrook voiced his worries about the Rockets’ future and now he wants out. On top of that, PJ Tucker was ‘irate’ about his contract all season and now he wants to either get paid or go somewhere else.

In other news, Jrue Holiday is still getting shopped around for the best deal that New Orleans can get. He’s a guy that could fit into any team’s system, so it’s not surprising that a lot of teams are interested.

Chris Paul is also looking at other teams he might be interested in playing with. This is a veteran that could really elevate a championship contender and also help along with a younger team. He showed in Oklahoma City that he can really gel a younger team and make them overachieve.

Finally, we have Victor Oladipo allegedly going up to other teams, IN FRONT OF HIS TEAMMATES, and asking them if he can play with their team. The audacity of this man!

All of that and more on the latest episode below!


1:30 – Fred Van Vleet wants his money

6:40 – Serge Ibaka leaving Toronto

7:40 – New York Knicks rumored to sign everyone again

9:15 – Jrue Holiday coming to the Atlantic?

14:50 – Where will Chris Paul land?

22:10 – PJ Tucker and Russell Westbrook upset with Houston

27:50 – Victor Oladipo with the audacity

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