The Atlantic Files Ep150 – Boston Celtics actual contenders

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We’re approaching that time of the NBA season to start wondering whether teams are real championship contenders or not. Enter the Boston Celtics. Their current record would say that they are, but when watching them against the cream of the crop, does that match the record?

Jayson Tatum, Kemba Walker, and Jaylen Brown are all enjoying some great seasons respectively. They’ve formed a great big three so far and have gotten the team to a nice 26-11 record. This is after losing an all-star center and a superstar point guard. Cause for some celebration? Yes! Cause for title hopes? Pump the brakes a little there, Beantown.

Joel Embiid is now out for at least one or two weeks with a torn ligament in his ring finger. He underwent successful surgery and will be re-evaluated in one to two weeks. This means we may see the best version of Ben Simmons that only appears whenever Embiid is out. Can Simmons help right the ship with Al Horford as the starting center now or will we continue to question everything about the team?

Finally, we have some curious cases with the rest of the league. The Toronto Raptors are a very good team comprised of an up-and-coming star, an aging one, and a very good supporting cast. Is that good enough?

Then there are the Brooklyn Nets. Kyrie Irving returning to the court is great news, but will that result in more wins? Then, of course, the New York Knicks are…well…the Knicks.

Topic rundown:

2:00 – Boston Celtics contenders or pretenders?

9:20 – Philadelphia 76ers sinking odds and Joel Embiid injury

15:00 – Toronto Raptors hustling their way to a top seed


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