The Atlantic Files Ep146: Joel Embiid regressing or maturing

The Atlantic Files
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No more vacations, holiday travel, or sicknesses, the Atlantic Files has returned yet again! On this week’s episode, Alex touches on the strange difference in Joel Embiid’s game this season.

The Philadelphia 76ers have been one of the best teams in the East. Their record, however, might not show that they could hang with a team like the Milwaukee Bucks. Ben Simmons has shown that he’s willing to shoot threes here and there, but Joel Embiid has seemed a little off. Is this due to a maturing attitude towards the regular season, or is he all of a sudden regressing due to not adding anything new in the off-season?

The New York Knicks fired their head coach. Surprise, surprise. This is magically going to fix all of their problems, right? Well, that’s obviously what their front office thinks. That’s probably why they’ve only won four games.

Also, are the Brooklyn Nets a better team without Kyrie Irving on the floor? Could Nick Nurse win Coach of the Year?

Hear Alex’s thoughts in the full episode below!

Topic Rundown:

2:00 – New York Knicks making dumb moves

12:30 – Stats behind the Kyrie Irving-less Nets

20:45 – Can Joel Embiid and the Sixers flip a switch when it’s needed


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