The Atlantic Files Ep137: New York Knicks year in review

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The New York Knicks are just one team in the long line of teams that have reverted to tanking as their strategy to become relevant again. A few seasons have come and gone as the Knicks toiled away in the bottom of the East. This off-season was supposed to be the start of something different, however, it was supposed to be the big change that they needed.

Many big-name free agents were supposed to walk through those doors at Madison Square Garden this summer. Each one of them decided to pass. Julius Randle became the biggest name they could sign, but they did grab themselves a top-notch draft pick. RJ Barrett will try to take them to the promised land, but who will come along on the ride to help him?

Topic Rundown:

2:00 – Initial thoughts of last season

5:45 – Visions of Anthony Davis and Giannis Antetokounmpo in the future

7:50 – Randle a good signing

9:15 – Toughness culture

11:30 – Where does NYK stack in the East

16:20 – Giving up on French Frank?

19:55 – RJ Barrett’s Role

25:30 – Double teams or not during open runs

30:45 – Predictions

35:15 – Joe Johnson making a comeback

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