Andrew Carr drops 40 in big West Chester East district win

Andrew Carr Tym Richardson West Chester East
Andrew Carr and Tym Richardson talk strategy before the start of the second half against Radnor. (Credit: Alex Fischbein/Basketball Society)

West Chester East, seeded first overall in the District 1 5A playoffs in Pennsylvania, came into their second-round matchup against Radnor high school fired up. This was going to be the last home game for seniors Andrew Carr and Tym Richardson, so it was time to make it count.

Right off the bat, East fed Carr in the post, at the top of the key, on the baseline, everywhere on the floor. He was scoring in every way that he wanted. At times he flashed his range, other times he flashed his ball-handling skills and blew by the defenders right to the hoop. On top of that, he just outmuscled the entire defense.

“This kid is a beast! He’s unstoppable!”

“You can’t stop him!”

“Just give the ball to Andrew and get out of the way…”

Those were just a few of the quotes heard from the crowd as Carr continued to pick apart the defense.

Tym Richardson wasn’t going to let Carr have all the fun, though. Richardson was able to display some great ball-handling skills and attacked the defense in the post with some great success. He ended the game with 19 points, but it felt like he could have easily gone for more if he wanted to.

The second half was a little slower for the Vikings, and Radnor started to turn up the pressure a little bit. They had a run of a few good stops on the defensive end and then hit some tough threes to shrink the lead close to single digits.

Those runs were very short-lived as either Andrew Carr or Tym Richardson would end the drought and then open up more scoring to keep Radnor a sizeable way away the entire time. Most of the game, Carr was outscoring all of Radnor by himself. Which truly spoke to how dominant he was over the course of the game.

Andrew Carr West Chester East
Andrew Carr attempts to dunk a lob in the second half. (Credit: Alex Fischbein/Basketball Society)

Now, after a 70-48 win, they move on to the semifinals on Wednesday against cross-town rival West Chester Rustin.



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