A Look into the Offseason: The New York Knicks



To say the least, the New York Knicks’ season has been abysmal. Phil Jackson has been waiting for the season to end since the tip-off in Chicago on opening night. Don’t worry Knicks fans, the season is almost over.

The Knicks are entering the offseason with a lot of money, no patience, and plenty of holes to fill. The one advantage the Knicks have over other rebuilding teams is a star player in Carmelo Anthony and an up and coming talent in Tim Hardaway Jr. Unfortunately, that is all they have. They will be searching for a point guard, power forward, and center via the draft or free agency. With only $32 million dollars in contracts for next season and the potential no. 1 pick in the upcoming draft, expect the New York Knicks to look completely different at the start of next season. Lets take a look at some potential Knicks next season.

Free Agent Targets


DeAndre Jordan: Don’t get your hopes up. I’m not talking about Kobe Bryant. DeAndre Jordan will be a player on the Knicks’ radar if the lottery doesn’t do them any favors. Jordan thrives off his explosiveness and rebounding, both which the Knicks don’t have. He can protect the rim, clearly shown in the photo above. With the ridiculous cap space and the demand for a center, DeAndre Jordan could be a New York Knick. 


Paul Millsap: Many question if Paul Millsap will even leave Atlanta. But if he does, the New York will be on the phone with his agent. Millsap has been good on every team he has been on. He is a consistent basketball player and is a good team player. The Hawks don’t have a star and he is playing like one. He makes centers better, and a player like Jahlil Okafor needs a stable power forward to develop faster. His has developed a three point shot which makes him even more valuable. Carmelo Anthony-Paul Millsap-(Center), and the Knicks look like contenders. 

Tobias Harris

Tobias Harris: Tobias Harris will not be on the Orlando Magic next season and has already expressed his interest in joining the New York Knicks. His interest comes from growing up in the New York City area. Harris has blossomed this season scoring 16.9 points per game on a terrible Magic team. Harris is in the second-tier groups of free agents that has a nice group of power forwards. He is a nice cheaper option to spread the cap space around the team. 


Rajon Rondo: With the Rick Carlisle-Rajon Rondo rift in Dallas, Rondo will be hitting the open market. The Knicks have had their eyes on Rajon Rondo for a while now. He and Carmelo Anthony are friends and both have expressed interest in playing with each other. Point guards are at a premium in the NBA. Rajon Rondo may not help the scoring, but that is what Carmelo Anthony is for. Rondo makes good players great. He excels on defense which is non-existent on this Knicks team. Rondo is signing with whoever pays him the most. 


Elon v Duke

Jahlil Okafor: With the potential #1 pick in the upcoming draft, Jahlil Okafor and the New York Knicks already seem like a match. The Knicks need a center and he is the best projected draft prospect. When Phil Jackson was asked about Karl Anthony-Towns he said the Knicks need a “bigger butt to hold space.” That tells me his eyes are strictly on Jahlil.


D’Angelo Russell: Phil Jackson was found on the Ohio State sideline earlier this season. Everyone knows the only player he was watching was D’Angelo Russell. He can play both the one and the two and the NBA thrives off of a quality combo guard. If he was a Knick his shots would be down because of Carmelo Anthony. With point guards being so good in the NBA today, the Knicks have a tough decision to make come draft day. 

With a city like New York, an arena like Madison Square Garden, and a team president named Phil Jackson, finding players to play on the Knicks just got easier. This is the second consecutive season with the Knicks not making the playoffs and many New Yorkers have lashed out calling the Knicks an atrocity. The Knicks have a lot of work to do in the coming weeks. Phil Jackson has won a championship with every team he has helped build. For now, we still have to wait and see.


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