High School

Top 10 High School Hoopers To Look Out For In 2018

Emoni Bates          Class of 2022        Ypsilanti Lincoln Any time that you’re a 6’8 seventh grader who’s getting compared to Kevin Durant you’re going to gain some national attention. That’s certainly been the case for 14-year-old Emoni Bates. Two years ago he was being regarded as the top seventh

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Jake Kyman

Jake Kyman: SoCal youngster’s already looking like a vet

You don’t want to sleep on SoCal prep hoops. Not with someone like Jake Kyman coming through the ranks of the high school-ball system. “Kobe has always been my idol just because the way he treats the game. What he does on the court is incredible. The footwork he had. Just the impact he has

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Flashback Friday: The Magic of Sebastian Telfair

It takes a special kind of basketball player to captivate an entire city. A city as big a New York I might add. Sebastian Telfair did just that during his 4 years at the Famed Abraham Lincoln High School in Coney Island. The same school made famous by his older Cousin Stephon Marbury, as well

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Flashback Friday: The Passing of the Torch

Kobe vs. LeBron… This match-up has dominated NBA conversations for the better part of a decade now. Last night’s thrilling Cleveland Cavalier victory over the Los Angeles Lakers gave us a chance to reflect on some of the best games played between these sure first-ballot future Hall of Famers. The debates over who’s greater have

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