HOOPERS VAULT: Penny Hardaway half spin

This week’s entry in the Hoopers Vault shows a half-spin move used by the one and only Penny Hardaway. Watch him use it here around the 1:40 mark:

The move is almost awkward in nature. Ultimately you complete a full spin, but the half spin move comes with the in-between dribble that sets up the pullback. That’s what makes it different from the typical half spin, which was one of our moves of the week.

We decided to variate, expand, and do some different things after the pullback dribble. Penny took it right into his shot. He also kept the ball in the same hand he did the spin with, which works to his advantage when he creates that space before getting the shot off. We mixed up our use of keeping it in the same hand and switching hands on the pullback, but the move’s main function is that in-between setup dribble.

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