VIDEO: Throwback Thursday: The Derron Williams We Used To Know


Deron Williams, Earl Watson

This is the Deron Williams we used to know. A guy who could stare down the face of Kobe Bryant and win Game 4 of the Western Conference Semi-Finals all by himself. Deron Williams averaged between 18-20 points per game through the 2008-2010 seasons. He was a force in the Western Conference, and for the early part of his career, was a healthy player.

The Deron Williams we see today is one with lost confidence.

$100 million dollar player, Deron Williams….has 2 points tonight. TWO. There’s 4 minutes left.

Williams ultimately finished with two points on the contest and virtually did nothing to help his team win, but only helped them lose. This is a man who is only 30 years of age, and should have some good years left in him. He is averaging 13 points per game.

In crunch time, his confidence just doesn’t seem to be there. He missed a wide open jumper after a fake three pointer, and it led to the ultimate loss and the Nets being down 2-0. I hope we can see the old Deron Williams back, but he has a big mountain to climb after this decline.


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