VIDEO: Jason 'White Chocolate' Williams dominates at Orlando Pro Am


White-ChocolateJason Williams, AKA “White Chocolate” still has game.

Although he is 38-years-old, Jason “White Chocolate” Williams still has game. Williams was spotted at an Orlando Pro Am last week, and he absolutely put on a show. Some footage of his electric performance surfaced on YouTube. Check it out below:

Williams hasn’t played in the NBA since the 2010-11 season, but he’s shown that he’s still capable of leaving a defender in the dust with his slick crossovers, mesmerizing moves and crisp passes. Williams’ NBA game was heavily influenced by street ball, and it’s always entertaining to see him unleash some of those tactics in a game, no matter who the competition is.

If you remember Williams’ exhilarating style of play vaguely, we’ve got you covered. His top ten plays may be one of the greatest ever compiled by the NBA.



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