The “Splash Brothers” Proving Their Value During the Finals

Splash Brothers

The Oracle Arena erupted continuously as the Golden State Warriors stomped the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 2 of the NBA Finals, giving the Warriors a 2-0 lead. From a red-hot offense to Stephen Curry swishing desperation shot-clock heaves 28 feet from the rim, the fans got their money’s worth. The bench turned into a different ball club and came out focused. Shaun Livingston and Javale Mcgee shot a combined 10 for 10 in Game 2, giving the Warriors what they needed. Although All-Stars Kevin Durant and Draymond Green have been playing strong defense this series, the “splash brothers” – Steph Curry and Klay Thompson – are even more valuable to this team.

Curry and Thompson have been dominating the Finals. Curry is averaging 31 points per game and 8.5 assists while Thompson is averaging 22 points per game. In Game 1, Klay Thompson left early with a leg injury but returned shortly after, sparking the Oracle Arena. When Thompson came back out to the sidelines, the place went crazy. The fans know just how valuable Thompson is with Curry. Both have been hitting simultaneously and, when that happens, it’s hard for the Cavaliers to play defense strong enough to stop it.


Curry continues to break three-point field goal records. In Game 2, Curry finished with 9 threes, setting a record for most three-pointers in a Finals game. Curry’s strength and ability to get open and create space for himself is proving to be dynamic. The moment defenders lose sight of him, many times around screens, he has the time to get his shot up because of his quick release. His favorite matchup in this series has to be Kevin Love.

Love guarded Curry 16 possessions in Game 2. Curry had scored 12 points on him, including this sky-high three-point heave deep behind the three-point line.


Klay Thompson has been the best at silencing the Cavaliers. Thompson always finds a way to quiet down the Cavs whenever they start a run or are on one. Possibly the best catch-and-shoot player on the team, Thompson played Game 2 as though he never experienced an ankle injury in Game 1. After scooping up a loose ball, Thompson came down and pulled up for the transition three in front of defender J.R. Smith, swishing it, which made most if not all Cavalier fans even more frustrated.

Draymond Green appreciates his talented shooting guard and looks at him as one of the toughest players he’s played with that doesn’t get enough credit.

Game 3 of the NBA Finals continues Wednesday, June 6th at 9 P.M. ET. These next two games in Cleveland can give the Cavaliers the push to even the series 2-2, but with the splash brothers and their two other healthy All-Stars, they will have to change something up to help prevent the Warriors from killer production.


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