NBA/Hip-Hop Comparisons (Part 5)


In Part 5 of our NBA/Hip-Hop Comparisons, we finalize our list to compare some of the hottest in the game as well as two icons that have left a huge imprint in the game. We also feature four guys that are at the top, battling for that number 1 spot.

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Future & Stephen Curry

Future x Stephen Curry

The Hottest of the Year award goes to Steph Curry and Future.  The year these two had was astonishing. Future got everybody’s speakers rattling with “F*ck Up Some Commas” catching a lot of heat on the radio. The release of 56 Nights kept his name buzzing but once Dirty Sprite 2 dropped, it was the icing on the cake. Future definitely left a stamp on 2015, which is still in progress, and Complex described it perfectly:

Future already has 3 of the most impactful hip-hop releases of 2015, and that number could possibly double by the end of the year.

Stephen Curry Dribbles Chris Paul into the Floor vs Cippers - March 31, 2015 NBA 2014-15 Season
Curry gives Chris Paul the sauce.

In every car that strolls by, all I hear is Future. He’s in a great space right now and his success can’t be denied. Steph Curry lit up the NBA world, winning League MVP and then ultimately winning the NBA Championship. Breaking records, breaking ankles, and releasing his own shoe, Curry is what’s hot right now (no pun intended). Steph Curry and Future are literally on fire and it seems like no matter what they do right now, they simply can’t miss.

Kanye West x Kobe Bryant

Kanye West x Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant and Kanye West are two legends in their own right. When discussing the best ever, they’re both in the discussion. Kobe has an MVP, 2 Finals MVPS, and five rings, and Kanye has 21 Grammys to go with a collection of amazing albums. These two have accomplished so much but yet still find motivation to keep striving for more. They have impacted the game drastically and their careers have truly been iconic.

If you ever wondered what a conversation was like between two G.O.A.T.S. — It goes something like this… Even Kanye is confused.

Kendrick Lamar & Kevin Durant

Kendrick Lamar x Kevin Durant

Kendrick Lamar is the next face of hip-hop and everyone knows it. His fame is constantly rising as he pushes his message for empowerment. A big role model for kids, Kendrick Lamar is a lyrical genius that you will be seeing and hearing a lot of for years to come. Kevin Durant, like Kendrick, is right there pushing to take over. Many see him as the second best in the league right behind LeBron James. The way Durant can score the ball is purely amazing, but we’ve missed him due to injuries the last two seasons. As the former MVP makes his return, we will get to see how much he can encompass and if he can add a championship to his belt. Although these guys share the ‘runner up’ title for now, they are still well respected among all their peers.

Drake & LeBron James

Drake x LeBron James

When it came to coming up with all of these comparisons, this one was the most obvious of them all. Drake and LeBron are no question at the top of their respective fields. Drake has consistently released hit after hit after hit. He has a long track record of huge records and I honestly don’t believe he’s going to quit anytime soon. LeBron, as we know, is a freak of nature, but he overcame that hurdle of not being able to win. He won two championships and led multiple teams to the NBA Finals. LeBron has proved himself as a true leader and carved his name as the best in the league today. Both Drake and LeBron hold the crown, but they must watch out because there are a few guys tugging at their coattails.

Drake’s track, “Forever” was the anthem for LeBron’s documentary, More Than A Game.


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