The Lakers pursuit of Hassan Whiteside makes me nervous

Hassan Whiteside

Reports surfaced via ESPN, that the Los Angeles Lakers are “aggressively” planning to go after Hassan Whiteside during free agency. The rim protection and the paint presence that he provides makes him a huge target on the market and after the season he had, the ball is in his court because the money is going to come reigning in.

via Miami Herald
Miami Herald

However, the Los Angeles Lakers going “aggressively” after Hassan Whiteside makes me nervous. Although he’s very talented, I just don’t feel he’s the right fit for this team. And it’s not from a basketball perspective because he showed last year that he can ball. He averaged 14.2 points, 11.8 rebounds, and 3.7 blocks per game, which was 2nd in the NBA. Whiteside displayed his talents on a playoff team and earned whatever big contract he will attract this summer, but what scares me with him on the Lakers roster, is his aura and his attitude.

He’s shown major immaturity during these early years of his career and at times, he shown a lot of selfishness, making everything about him. That’s not what the Lakers need right now on a team full of young guys. With no Kobe Bryant and no veteran leadership, there’s no one to put a guy like Whiteside in his play when he steps out of bounds. This young core of guys in Los Angeles have a great comradery and the thought of someone like Whiteside with an “all about me” attitude makes me very nervous. He’s very good on the court but I want the Lakers’ upper management to look at the big picture because I don’t know how well this combination would mesh.


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