Flashback Friday: Kobe Bryant vs. Tracy McGrady

kobe bryant tracy mcgrady

November 2001…

Kobe Bryant and the Lakers are fresh off a championship season. Tracy McGrady is fresh off of winning the Most Improved Player Award for his performance during his breakout inaugural season in Orlando. Kobe was the heir apparent… While TMAC was something the basketball word had never seen before, 6’8/9 of unreal athleticism and skills. The always competitive Kobe wouldn’t let McGrady out-do him right? Every time these two laced up their signature Adidas’ they were going for blood, LITERALLY… Kobe with that mischievous smirk, TMAC with that lazy eye… Both of those signs only meant trouble for the opposing, merciless defender. Basketball fans alike salivated any opportunity they got to see these two young stars go at it. Kobe vs. TMAC was always must see TV. Fast Forward to 2015, TMAC is retired and Kobe (the ageless wonder) is still honing his craft at 36 years young. What happened you ask? Injuries… Those NSFW injuries shortened what could’ve been an all-time great duel. However, the clips that we do have do a wonderful job of telling part of the story. ENJOY


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