Darius Miles fought Mo Cheeks in Portland?! D-Miles tells Scoop B Radio what happened!

Darius Miles

During the 2004–05 season, retired NBA player, Darius Miles and newly enshrined Naismith Basketball Hall of Famer, Maurice Cheeks got into a verbal altercation during a team film session.

In their confrontation, Miles apparently insulted Cheeks and remarked he “did not care if the team were to lose the next 20 games” since Cheeks was “going to be fired anyway.” 

Cheeks asked Miles to leave, Miles’ responded by saying: “Make me.”

When Cheeks left the room to see Blazers’ general manager John Nash, Miles ran behind him and shouted, “That’s right, run to your daddy.”

It happened years ago, but it’s comic relief via the pre-Instagram/Twitter world. 

Stuff like that shouldn’t even have left the locker room,” Darius Miles told me.

“But you know it is what it is. There was never no beef.”

Both former player and coach made peace on the matter years ago, according to Miles.  “In the NBA it’s politics,” he said.

“His job was on the line, I was frustrated we were losing.”

Miles is pleased that Cheeks got the nod by the Naismith Hall of Fame.  “Mo Cheeks is one of my favorite coaches,” he said.

“I see [Mo] Cheeks and hug him, ask him about his family.”

Added Miles: 

“I’ve had about twelve coaches. He’s one of the ones that always used to come to me and tell me: ‘man, you got so much stuff in your game,  I wanna see this, I wanna see that.”He definitely is always going to be my guy.”

These days Darius Miles is playing in Byron Scott’s Primetime Basketball League, a new 5-on-5, full court, pro summer basketball league featuring most of the players you already know and love from the NBA.]

As per Scott’s website, Thanks to Primetime, great basketball will be available to watch all year long instead of just during the NBA season.


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