Draymond Green Basketball

The Defensive Short: Basketball IQ

Basketball IQ and awareness are two things that aren’t discussed enough. They go a long way and can truly distinguish the difference between a good and a great player. I often stress the little things when discussing basketball because I truly believe that the little things are game changers. Diving for loose balls, communicating on

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Julius Randle Lakers

The race for minutes at power forward will be tough for the Lakers

Sometimes it’s a gift and a curse to have an excess of players at a specific position. While it’s a blessing due to options and different lineups you can run with, it’s also a curse because everyone wants to play and you have to keep guys happy. Luke Walton and the Los Angeles Lakers are

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Lakers Young Core: What will they be?

The lights are bright in LA especially when it comes to basketball. Just ask the Lakers’ young core. Playing for one of the most historic franchises ever, the Lakers’ young core has been tasked with a big first job: Bring back Showtime.  Showtime Lakers are a staple of LA basketball. The fast-paced, high-energy style of

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Showtime Lakers are still under production, relax fans.

The Los Angeles Lakers have been an early surprise for the NBA, as they have won more than expected and have shown great potential as a team. It looked like the Lakers were poised for a playoff run this season until they were hit by a string of injuries and a tough schedule. They are

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Run the Jules: Julius Randle’s ride

Julius Randle was always destined to be in the NBA. The Dallas, Texas native was once a highly recruited high school player (rank no. 3 overall) that decided to take his talents to Lexington to play for the Kentucky Wildcats. From there, he helped lead the Wildcats to the National Championship during his freshman year

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Los Angeles Lakers, Denver Nuggets, Tarik Black

Lakers Lair: Thoughts on re-signing of center Tarik Black

B.J. Boyer returns to the Lakers Lair, this time with a quick podcast to discuss seldom used center Tarik Black, who re-signed with Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon. In this episode of LL, Boyer talks about what Black brings to the team, what his limitations as a player are, and why re-signing him was an

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Larry Nance Jr

An open letter to Larry Nance Jr, from a Crohn’s Patient

Dear Larry Nance Jr, I’ve been reading the articles about when you were diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease and the recent efforts you’ve been making to inspire those that share a connection through the disease. What you’re doing is an admirable service, and you’re reaching a lot more people than just those that you talk to

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Making the Leap: Larry Nance Jr., Season 2 Vol.6

Welcome back to another part of the “Making the Leap” series. Next I will be talking about a member of the young Lakers core in Larry Nance Jr., the son of former high-flying swingman Larry Nance Sr. On the night of the 2015 NBA Draft, the Los Angeles Lakers used their 27th pick on the

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Los Angeles Lakers, Charlotte Hornets, Julius Randle

Julius Randle’s jumpshot (slowly) improving

Earlier this season I wrote about Lakers forward Julius Randle and how his reluctancy to dish the rock often stalled out Los Angeles’ offense. In addition to Randle’s passing hesitancy, his game was (and still is) hindered by his inability to consistently shoot from the outside and finish with his right hand. In the opening

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Fisch's Friday Rant

PODCAST: Fisch’s Friday Rant – DUI, Larry Nance Jr, and Thunder Duo

There were more positive things that I wanted to get off my chest this week rather than negative. So, I had to just start with the negative so we can end on the positive. Here’s the lowdown on what I’m ranting about this week: Ty Lawson’s suspension for his DUI D’Angelo Russell’s nice showing Larry

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