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Scoop B: LeBron James’ Space Jam 2 trailer was supposed to happen like this…

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So I guess you were waiting for a Space Jam 2 trailer after LeBron James’ Los Angeles Lakers announcement!

Well, the new Laker and his management team tweeted a press release instead of that Space Jam 2 trailer.

If you’re tardy to the party, last week, Basketball Society reported that LeBron James would announce his Los Angeles Lakers announcement by utilizing his Uninterrupted platform, the newly launched Instagram TV, as well as a trailer of Space Jam 2.

They canceled it!

I received a phone call early Sunday evening by a source who told me that James and his management team pulled the Space Jam 2 trailer because of our report.

C’mon man! Are you kidding me? What a bummer, honestly.

I’m told that the movie will still happen but at a later date.

I have some cool news for you also.

Since the trailer never released I will share with you the contents of it.

Two Friday’s ago, I got a phone call from a source familiar with the Space Jam 2 movie. They source told me that sports memorabilia was stolen by characters in the film.

In the plot and/or trailer, LeBron was summoned to be responsible for saving the day by helping to retrieve the memorabilia.

I’m told that in the end, LeBron James would appear in the movie trailer wearing Lakers gear and letting everyone know where he’d be taking his talents to this fall.

Sound familiar?

So much for that!


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