The Atlantic Files Ep. 16: State Farm, Overseas, & NY Blues

NBA Atlantic Division

Host Alex Fischbein(@ThatKidFisch) is back again with a brand new episode of The Atlantic Files. Here’s your weekly rundown of all the topics covered in this episode:

1. The Raptors’ 5-man lineup of DeRozan, Johnson, Lowry, Ross, & Valanciunas is slipping in the rankings around the league

2. The Celtics are top five in the league in assists, so naturally Cliff Paul must be helping them out

3. Deron Williams is still making an impact as his Off/On court stats explain

4. We get an update from the Sixers big names overseas (Jordan McRae & Dario Saric)

5. The Knicks are getting into the bottom 5 of the league in a lot of different categories

If you have any questions that you want answered on the show, leave them in a comment below or ask us @BballSociety_ or @ThatKidFisch


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