How would Ryan Anderson and Courtney Lee fit with the Kings?


The Kings are stuck in a very competitive and tough Western Conference. As bottom feeders of the West for the past few seasons, the Kings are looking to create a formidable roster that can attempt to compete in their conference. With free agency looming, there are two players the Kings will have their eye on in the coming weeks. Those players? Ryan Anderson and Courtney Lee.

From CSN’s Kings insiders James Ham:

We’ve already talked about the biggest target, which is Ryan Anderson. They have a second target, which we’ve talked about a little bit, but I don’t think we’ve fully confirmed to people. Look, the Kings, from what I know, are targeting Courtney Lee. They love Courtney Lee.

How would these two players fit into the Kings roster for next year?

Well, for Ryan Anderson, it could be a tough fit with who the Kings already have on their roster. They drafted Georgios Papagiannis and Skal Labissiere to go along with fellow big men DeMarcus Cousins and Willie Cauley-Stein. As a stretch four, Anderson would be a nice option off of the bench, but Anderson could be looking for a starting gig which the Kings may not be able to offer.

Courtney Lee, on the other hand, could be a great fit for the Kings. He can be the set-in-stone starter at the two while letting guys like Malachi Richardson and Ben McLemore develop. With these two free agent targets, it seems like the Kings are going to try and improve their three-point shooting, which was still very good last year (36%). They are a very poor defensive team as they let up an astounding 109.1 points per game last year. Courtney Lee could be an improvement on that end, but Anderson would not be. In the Western Conference, you need to have a solid defensive team because of how good the shooting ability of the teams you normally face is.

These players would be on the cheaper end of the spectrum so you can’t argue the Kings interest in these two players. It will be interesting to see what unfolds for the struggling Sacramento franchise.


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