PODCAST: The Atlantic Files Ep.33 – McFlurries and Shorties

Atlantic Files
Property of Basketball Society

Another day, another dollar. Another week, another episode of The Atlantic Files! All-Stars are being announced, Kanye’s had beef with Wiz Khalifa by accident, and I’m sitting in my computer chair enjoying all of it. Oh, let me get back to the topic on hand. Here’s what’s on The Atlantic Files this week:

  • DeRozan, and Isaiah Thomas All-Stars
  • Knicks rumored to trade for Jeff Teague
  • Used-to-be-fat Kyle Lowry getting McFlurries
  • How do the Sixers fare with Ish, Noel, and Okafor on and off the court?
  • How do the Raptors fare with Lowry and DeRozan on and off the court?
  • Why are the Nets rumored to be looking at Danny Ferry?
  • D-Leaguers get some call ups
  • Isaiah Thomas’ feats this season


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