Should the Los Angeles Lakers trade their top pick?


A franchise like the Los Angeles Lakers are so used to a winning culture. They are the winners of 16 NBA titles, and five since the year 2000.

But since they lost longtime coach Phil Jackson, the team has been struggling to find winning ways. They have not made the playoffs since the 2012-2013 season and are trying to make it back to the glory days of winning basketball in LA.

With these losing seasons comes chances at top draft picks in the NBA draft. In the 2014 draft, they selected big man Julius Randle and last year they selected guard D’Angelo Russell with the second overall pick. With another miserable losing season having the worst record in the Western Conference in the books, they have a chance at another top pick.

Now, reports have come out that they might be trying to trade that top pick.

To add to this, reports have come out that they could make a run at Paul George if they get one of the top three picks in this years draft.


A team like the Lakers that is located in a big market city like Los Angeles, they have the need for that star player. Doing a trade like this can bring that star player to them right away, but they will be trading away big pieces of young future if they do so. A trade of this magnitude would mean probably losing a player like D’Angelo Russell, someone they coveted out of college, and drafted to be that star player of the future.

On the other hand, trading away young players for already proven star players can mean more star power to come in later years. If they bring in a guy like a Paul George, or someone else they can trade for, it can mean more free agents will want to come and play there.

They lost their franchise legend Kobe Bryant this season to retirement. It is time for the Lakers to take a chance on something that can put their franchise back to where they are used to. If they don’t take that chance, it will still be a few more seasons before they sniff the playoffs. They are just too young at the moment to make a run for the playoffs.

One advantage they have already taken is that they hired Luke Walton. Hiring Walton will prove to help these young players on their roster. Walton has been around star power with the Warriors so he knows what it takes to coach some of the best in the league learning under Steve Kerr.

So, I think the Lakers should try to make a run at a trade for a star players, even if they have to give up some young fire power. Adding a star player can turn this franchise around very soon. Also, if success comes quickly, they will have a chance to bring more and more free agent fire power in the future. Money is not an issue for the Lakers, they should take the risk. Teams may not budge for their offer, but to be great, you have to be willing to take risks.



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