Fisch’s Friday Rant: Draft Reactions v2

Fisch's Friday Rant
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You’re probably wondering why the title of this week’s Fisch’s Friday Rant is labeled as “v2.” Well, that would be because v1 of the Friday Rant Draft Reactions was a full year ago! So, first off, thank you to all who have watched me rant about everything basketball over the course of this year!

Anyways, there was a draft yesterday! Yeah, there was actually the NBA Draft that took place and there was plenty of excitement surrounding it. Fans from many teams converged on Brooklyn and waited with hope in their eyes to see their team select the next greatest prospect. So, naturally, I had to rant about the top seven picks. Yes, I do know there are two rounds, but the top seven is where people have the most hope. The top of the lottery is what the people want to know about, so who am I to not give you all what you want?

Without further adieu, here are my thoughts on the top seven:


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